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Grape harvest lifting trailers (E2M range)

We have a range of watertight lifting and tipping trailers for winegrowers, specially designed for hand harvesting (width upwards of 1.5 m) or mechanical harvesting, using a simple Z-type lifting system, and a hydraulic door control system.

Standard model

  • One-piece steel body
  • Interior coated with food grade paint
  • Hydraulic door control system
  • Anti-spill edge
  • Drawbar adjustable to different heights
  • Mechanical and hydraulic brakes
  • Lights, approved for road use - 25 km/h

Options available

  • Spring-loaded drawbar
  • Lift-jack or hydraulic parking stand
  • Tarpaulin bow cover system
  • Stainless steel model
  • Other extra options available (on request)

Looking for a particular model?

Our catalogues are by no means exhaustive.
We can adapt to your precise needs to build a custom-sized model!

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E2M Grape Harvest Lifting Trailer Range

  • E2M-2000

  • E2M-2000

  • E2M-2000

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