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Drop side trailers (RB2-R range)

This is the range that made our name - our renowned RB2-R drop side flatbed tipping trailers no longer need introduction. They come in numerous different formats with a host of extra options, meaning you can define the exact model that works best for your specific needs.

Standard model

  • Flatbed trailer - Drop sides 0.5 m (unless otherwise indicated *)
  • Standard door with manual locking device (—> 3500 model)
  • Automatic door control system opening from below (for the other models)
  • Mechanical and hydraulic brakes
  • Lights, approved for road use - 25 km/h

Options available

  • 3-way tipper
  • Rotating drawbar
  • Lift-jack or hydraulic parking stand
  • Spring-loaded towbar
  • Different door options (barn doors, dual function)
  • Extensions
  • Flatbed and drop sides can come in different thicknesses

Looking for a particular model?

Our catalogues are by no means exhaustive.
We can adapt to your precise needs to build a custom-sized model!

Click here to see our different models and product details, including technical specifications, dimensions, payloads and features...
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RB2R Drop Side Flatbed Tipping Trailer Range

  • RB4-8000-R

  • RB2-5500-R – option: extension (0.3 m)

  • RB2-4800-R – option: straight harvest ladders

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