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Low-level manure and compost spreaders (RES range)

Our Roche RES2 spreader range is specially designed for all uses that need to deal with height constraints: fruit farming, market gardening...
Our models are multipurpose: with 2 horizontal beaters they can handle straw manure as well as compost. The hydraulic drive conveyor combined with beater(s) ensure that materials are spread with a regular feed system. Our table system (optional) gives greater flexibility in terms of spreading options both in the open field or for localised work.

Standard model

  • 2 horizontal beaters (mechanical drive)
  • Hydraulic drive conveyor; flow-rate control device
  • Tube chain conveyor (two-chain)
  • Standard wheels,
  • Standard Cardan shaft
  • Front grill guard
  • Mechanical and hydraulic brakes
  • Lights, Approved for road use - 25 km/h

Options available

  • Spreading hood (to direct the product across the width of the row)
  • Hinged side flaps (to set the spreading width)
  • Hydraulic sliding door
  • Mechanical spreading table
  • Tapered extensions
  • 2 vertical beaters (1.2 m-wide body shell — overall width 1.9m depending on the wheels)
  • 1 hydraulic horizontal beater (recommended for carrying compost)

Looking for a particular model?

Our catalogues are by no means exhaustive.
We can adapt to your precise needs to build a custom-sized model!

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RES Spreader Range (options)

  • Option: mechanical spreading table

  • Option: tapered extensions

  • Option: 2 vertical beaters

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