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Grape harvest containers and buckets (BAC and GAV range)

After years of experience working for the winegrowing sector, we have developed a highly practical range of accessories for grape harvesting. Thanks to our grape harvest bucket, which can be attached to the 3-point hitch of your tractor, it’s quick and easy to work along each vine row and empty the grapes into your transport vehicle. Our container is a watertight tank specially designed for grape harvesting. Moreover, it can be adapted for use with all your flatbed trailers.

Grape harvest bucket

  • Steel 800-litre grape harvest bucket
    3-point hitch with an 18 cm welded steel extension
  • Overall length around 1.8 m
  • Overall width around 1.1 m
  • Stainless steel model available

Grape harvest container

  • Interior coated with food grade paint
  • Standard watertight door (lever-action opening from below)
  • Anti-spill edge
  • Stainless steel model available

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Grape Harvest Container and Bucket (BAC and GAV Range)

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