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Spreader for pasty materials (ESF range)

Spreading pasty materials can often be problematic: too runny for standard spreading techniques, but not liquid enough for a slurry spreader. That's precisely why we have designed the ESF range for you.
The basic principle is very simple, but extremely efficient and effective:
a watertight body shell, a worm-type conveyor and a turbine all combined enable you to get rid of your olive husks, liquid manure and all your other pasty materials.

Standard model

  • Worm-type conveyor with turbine - outside diameter 150 mm
  • Standard wheels
  • Standard Cardan shaft
  • Mechanical and hydraulic brakes,
  • Lights, approved for road use - 25 km/h

Extra options
  • deflectors
  • hatch with hydraulic opening system

Looking for a particular model?

Our catalogues are by no means exhaustive.
We can adapt to your precise needs to build a custom-sized model!

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ESF Spreader Range (Options)

  • Hatch with hydraulic opening system

  • Hatch with hydraulic opening system

  • Worm-type conveyor

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