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Manure and compost spreaders (E range)

All the spreaders in our E range come with 2 angled screw rotors. They are designed for those seeking mobility and versatility, especially for easier manoeuvring on steep slopes where the conveyor guidance system and low-level chassis come into full use. The volume of the blades helps to ensure that materials are cut up more finely. The lower discs and prongs help release powdery materials evenly.

Standard model

  • 2 vertical angled screw rotors (mechanical drive)
  • Hydraulic drive conveyor; flow-rate control device
  • Tube chain conveyor (two-chain)
  • Tractor-type wheels
  • Wide-angle Cardan shaft
  • Front grill guard
  • Screw-type parking stand (except for the E30 model, which has a wheel parking stand)
  • Mechanical and hydraulic brakes
  • Lights, approved for road use - 25 km/h

Options available

  • Hydraulic rear swing 'up-and-over' door
  • Spring-loaded towbar
  • Hinged side flaps (to set the spreading width)
  • Hydraulic parking stand
  • Electric conveyor control
  • Hydraulic power unit

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E Range Spreaders (Options)

  • Hydraulic door

  • Hydraulic power unit

  • Hinged side flaps

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