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Manure spreader (EEV-EEF range)

The equipment in this range is specially designed for spreading calibrated materials as well as powders: manure, granules, pellets, lime... A rubber conveyor at the base of the hopper moves materials thanks to its 2 discs. Deflectors enable you to spread either on a localised area, or across the whole width.

Standard model

  • Fully hydraulic
  • Rubber hydraulic drive conveyor; flow-rate control device
  • Standard wheels
  • Hydraulic spreading table
  • Front grill guard
  • Mechanical and hydraulic brakes
  • Lights, approved for road use - 25 km/h

Options available

  • Articulated drawbar for turning tight corners
  • Extensions (0.25 m)
  • Sizing grid
  • Oil filter (input pressure)
  • Valve with hydraulic opening system

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EEV-EEF Manure Spreader Range (Options)

  • Option: extensions

  • Option: articulated drawbar

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