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Pallet box loading wagon (R520 range)

The pallet box loading wagon is the ideal solution for boosting productivity. It divides picking and hauling into two completely separate stages: once you have finished filling up the box pallets along your rows, you group them into blocks of twelve or fifteen (depending on the box size), stack them three levels high and Bob's your uncle! A single driver can load, haul and unload the pallet boxes without any help.

Basic model

  • Space frame equipped with prongs
  • Separate hydraulic drawbar and wheels
  • Hydraulic door
  • Reinforced front drop side
  • 4 or 5-function electric-controlled power unit
  • Mechanical and hydraulic brakes
  • Lights, approved for road use - 25 km/h

  • Two-wheel or four-wheel model

Options available

  • Road wheels = 245/70 R 19.5 tyres for the four-wheel model

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R520 Pallet Box Loading Wagon Range

  • R520/12

  • R520/12

  • R520/14

  • 1
  • 2